Przesieka Meditation Center is OPEN

We are glad to announce that we have opened again the meditation center for groups, families and individuals, through  airbnb.

If you are familiar with the center and if not, this is the ideal place for meditation in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany and it combines nature with peace and quiet in a place with good comforting energy. If you want more information or to book your activity in the meditation center, you can do so via  airbnb in the following link:


Przesieka meditation center is now “Bidwell Villa”

The meditation center (now call “Bidwell Villa”) is perfect place also for seminars and meetings like Music, Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance, Creative writing… And also special place for groups or family’s, nature lovers, that come special for extreme nature sports like Cycling, Walking or Skiing in karkonoski national park. The “Bidwell Villa” is one of a kind, quiet, modest and basic place with lot of good energy, available for short and log period, for couple, family’s or for small and medium group up to 20 people.


“Bidwell Villa” – In the middle of nature 


Alma Yoray Vipassana Meditation Center

Welcome to Alma Yoray Blog, created by Rony Epstein, Alma son. The blog is about Alma Unique,  special and full of energy Vipassana Meditation Center in Przeseika, Poland. The center is located in the beautiful high Karkonosze Mountains  in Lower Silesia, southwestern Poland. The Meditation Center is used to host Vipassana Meditation Groups, Vipassana sitting group, Theravada, Meditation Courses, Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Professional Holistic and Spiritual Seminars – all year-long. The Vipassana Meditation Center is equipped with everything required to host teams from six people to large groups of twenty people in each round with the group Teacher / Mentor.

Vipassana Meditation Group, Poland
Mail Address: 58 563 Przesieka, Poland
Center Address: 4 Bukowy Gaj, Przesieka
Tradition: Theravada, Vipassana
Contact: Alma Yoray
Tel: Poland +48.75 76 21 685

The Tower

After Alma bought the old house in 4 Bukowy Gaj St. in Przesieka, she decided in 1990 to renovate it. With the help of local architect, Wojciech Kurowski, Alma planned the renovation in the house and added extra addition adjacent to the old house to suit her plans to live in the comfort and efficiency neer the ZEN center.

Alma Yoray_Tower Bilding 1992

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We Save Water

Visitors and guests staying here can see many notes throughout the Zen Center and in our house who ask you to save water. Although we live in a country full of water and many rivers flowing around our house, still important for us to conserve water and to be ecological and environmentalist. The illustrated notes drew by Alma and added them prominent slogans and text. All notes are coated laminated transparent so they are kept for many years, even in our shower. We ourselves save water and shower only once a week … Just a joke. So if you are staying with us, please save water… and drink lot of them.

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Ananda Putta Bhumi

Good to know… Ananda Putta Bhumi is an Eco-farm and spiritual center located a midst the enchanting Karkonosze Mountains in the south-west of Poland, 22 km from our ZEN Center in Przesieka.


Patches Of Color In The Garden

Every morning when we wake up, we immediately go out to the garden. Everywhere we see a lot of paint. We approach and see an abundance of flowers and an abundance of colors. Approaching a little more even smell of perfume smells so sweet we did not want to return home for breakfast only when the smell of coffee takes over the garden we leave these wonderful sights and go into the kitchen.

This summer in particular abundance of flowers in bloom in our garden and around the house and we find ourselves going from one to one and say goodbye to them. Around each flower and should we see a lot of bugs and butterflies participating in the celebration of colors and smells. At night some flowers are visited by insects and butterflies active at night and the garden is full of life.

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Everything About Przesieka

I want to know everything about Przesieka, the history of the place and about the nature and geography, about the people and all .. Well… then I’ll start on Wikipedia and that’s what I found:

Przesieka [pʂɛˈɕɛka] (original and German name: Hain) is a village in Lower Silesia, southwestern Poland. It belongs to Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in Jelenia Góra County, Gmina Podgórzyn. It is one of the most important centres of mountain hiking.

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