Yoga workshops taking place in Przesieka

In the early fall of 2008, I had the opportunity to participate in yoga workshops taking place in Przesieka, in the center surrounded by forests on all sides. On the second day of the workshop, the leader asked who could help Alma translate a certain writing from English into Polish. I volunteered. Not knowing anything about Alma except that she looked after the center, I went to her house after dinner.

As soon as I stepped over the threshold, I felt as if I was visiting a place not strange to me, but very well known. The silence that filled Alma’s apartment was not ordinary silence – it radiated an almost mystical peace and that strange feeling of closeness. Also, the heat did not come only from the stove, although the stove definitely added coziness to the place – in the mountains it was already quite cold in the evenings.


Ashtanga Yoga Retreat

Extended weekend into fall
4 – days – extended weekend • by a river or a stream in the mountains in the forest • yoga and mindfulness
29/09 – 02/10


Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Meditatiomn Przesieka

Przesieka Meditation Center is OPEN

We are glad to announce that we have opened again the meditation center for groups, families and individuals, through  airbnb.

If you are familiar with the center and if not, this is the ideal place for meditation in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany and it combines nature with peace and quiet in a place with good comforting energy. If you want more information or to book your activity in the meditation center, you can do so via  airbnb in the following link:


Przesieka meditation center is now “Bidwell Villa”

The meditation center (now call “Bidwell Villa”) is perfect place also for seminars and meetings like Music, Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance, Creative writing… And also special place for groups or family’s, nature lovers, that come special for extreme nature sports like Cycling, Walking or Skiing in karkonoski national park. The “Bidwell Villa” is one of a kind, quiet, modest and basic place with lot of good energy, available for short and log period, for couple, family’s or for small and medium group up to 20 people.


“Bidwell Villa” – In the middle of nature 


Alma Yoray Vipassana Meditation Center

Welcome to Alma Yoray Blog, created by Rony Epstein, Alma son. The blog is about Alma Unique,  special and full of energy Vipassana Meditation Center in Przeseika, Poland. The center is located in the beautiful high Karkonosze Mountains  in Lower Silesia, southwestern Poland. The Meditation Center is used to host Vipassana Meditation Groups, Vipassana sitting group, Theravada, Meditation Courses, Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Professional Holistic and Spiritual Seminars – all year-long. The Vipassana Meditation Center is equipped with everything required to host teams from six people to large groups of twenty people in each round with the group Teacher / Mentor.

Vipassana Meditation Group, Poland
Mail Address: 58 563 Przesieka, Poland
Center Address: 4 Bukowy Gaj, Przesieka
Tradition: Theravada, Vipassana
Contact: Alma Yoray
Tel: Poland +48.75 76 21 685

The Tower

After Alma bought the old house in 4 Bukowy Gaj St. in Przesieka, she decided in 1990 to renovate it. With the help of local architect, Wojciech Kurowski, Alma planned the renovation in the house and added extra addition adjacent to the old house to suit her plans to live in the comfort and efficiency neer the ZEN center.

Alma Yoray_Tower Bilding 1992

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We Save Water

Visitors and guests staying here can see many notes throughout the Zen Center and in our house who ask you to save water. Although we live in a country full of water and many rivers flowing around our house, still important for us to conserve water and to be ecological and environmentalist. The illustrated notes drew by Alma and added them prominent slogans and text. All notes are coated laminated transparent so they are kept for many years, even in our shower. We ourselves save water and shower only once a week … Just a joke. So if you are staying with us, please save water… and drink lot of them.

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Ananda Putta Bhumi

Good to know… Ananda Putta Bhumi is an Eco-farm and spiritual center located a midst the enchanting Karkonosze Mountains in the south-west of Poland, 22 km from our ZEN Center in Przesieka.


Patches Of Color In The Garden

Every morning when we wake up, we immediately go out to the garden. Everywhere we see a lot of paint. We approach and see an abundance of flowers and an abundance of colors. Approaching a little more even smell of perfume smells so sweet we did not want to return home for breakfast only when the smell of coffee takes over the garden we leave these wonderful sights and go into the kitchen.

This summer in particular abundance of flowers in bloom in our garden and around the house and we find ourselves going from one to one and say goodbye to them. Around each flower and should we see a lot of bugs and butterflies participating in the celebration of colors and smells. At night some flowers are visited by insects and butterflies active at night and the garden is full of life.

.. See our new album at:

Everything About Przesieka

I want to know everything about Przesieka, the history of the place and about the nature and geography, about the people and all .. Well… then I’ll start on Wikipedia and that’s what I found:

Przesieka [pʂɛˈɕɛka] (original and German name: Hain) is a village in Lower Silesia, southwestern Poland. It belongs to Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in Jelenia Góra County, Gmina Podgórzyn. It is one of the most important centres of mountain hiking.

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House With Amazing Energy and Beautiful Design

The idea to organize a summer workshop was a simple consequence of several years of operation of the Wroclaw University of Life. Escape from daily routine, depart somewhat from the “normal” life and really have time for myself and for people who – through participation in workshops and open meetings have become dear to me – it is tempting and, ultimately, led to the realization of this idea .

Summer Camp II psychoeducational VIII 1994 - Przesieka

Holiday in Przesieka with the Academy of Life, Summer Camp II psychoeducational VIII 1994 – Przesieka

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Our Organic Vegetables Greenhouse

We at Alma House in Przesieka found that there are many benefits to growing organic vegetables in our lovely greenhouse in Przesieka. Although we won’t automatically be weed and pest free just because we are growing indoors, weu will have complete control over how we protect our precious organic plants.

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I wish you are here…


These paintings are done by a young woman(*) from Krakow. She borrowed dance photos that are black and white and over two years put her own imagination to them.

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Building the kitchen Stove

Traditional ‘Polish Stove’ ( fireplaces) are differentiated from typical European fireplaces by their tall/shallow firebox, their streamlined throats, and most importantly… by their promise of actually producing more heat than they waste! They are designed to maximize the direct and reflected radiant heat from the fire in to the Cooking Cells, central heating stove and the water heater heating boiler that heat the house on cold days.

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Alma Yoray’s ‘Gevink’ this weekend

Alma Yoray came to Maine some 10 years ago following an intensive period of study in dance under the likes of Mary Wigman and Martha Graham – teachers famous to those of the dance world. Like any artist trying to forge a route of her own, Yoray felt it was time to be in a place that would give her room to “find her own vocabulary. ”

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In One`s Life, It`s Very Important To Do What You Like

By Anna Szentak – In Memory of Alma

First my story: In early fall 2008 I participated in a yoga retreat in Przesieka. On the second day of retreat the teacher asked if someone could translate a document for Alma. Although the only thing I knew about Alma was that she took care of the retreat centre, I volunteered.

The moment I entered, the place felt very familiar. The silence that filled Alma`s apartment was full of misticism. Also the warmth didn`t come only from the stove though the stove definitely added coziness to the place.

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Atman and Alma Yoray… Frog, Birds, Cat and American Pie

Alma got in touch with talented musicians from Atman group who performed with her in the late eighties and recorded the “Brown Session” album in her house in Przesieka, Poland In the nineties (1990).

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The Bicycle Land

Karkonoski National Park on a Bike

Karkonoski National Park is “The Bicycle Land”. It located within the Karkonosze, the highest mountain group in the Sudetes, Lower Silesia in Poland. The highest peak of the Karkonosze Mountains is Śnieżka (1603 m). The borderland between Poland and the Czech Republic comes across both the Karkonosze and Izerskie Mountains.

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I know I look like a contorshamish

I have been searching for things to send you and that explains why I haven’t been in touch until now…now that Charlotte has invoked my name. I have found a note from Alma in the back cover of my year book…the reason was that she wasn’t in our senior class because her parents made her go to Manter Hall, a prep school in Cambridge. Therefore there is no picture of her in the yearbook.







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I Google My Mother

Late one night in June 2001, slightly after midnight, Rony Epstein called his childrens from his office at the Sadna Internet Branding Agency.  His childrens,  Shai & Yoav were at home in Tel Aviv. “I told them, “I googled my mother,” he recalls. And that’s how after two years, the search of his life came to an end. At age 40, Rony Epstein finally found his mother online, by entering some keywords into the Google search engine And became the first man in the world that found his biological mother in Google

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Natural Birth At Alma House

In 1992, maybe a little before or a little after, Alma responded Teresa’s request to have a natural birth at her house. A bunch of good people were in the same day when Michał was born. The birth was successful and the good energy came from the house certainly contributed to that. Alma looked around and help as much as possible. This story is another great special event that happen in our house.

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Atman and Alma Yoray-Frog, Birds, Cat and American Pie

To commemorate Alma Yoray who passed away in October of 2010 we put online legendary album by Atman & Alma Yoray, released as tape on Fly Music back in 1992. Absolute rarity, available for free download at freemusicarchive.

From Użytkownika Biedrzyn in youtube, the album:  Brown Session, Legendary album by Atman & Alma Yoray, released as tape on Fly Music back in 1992.

Full album:


One-Man Show

Alma Yoray is dead!

I look at black and white photographs from 1990, Alma, I (Styczyński), Mark Leszczynski and Piotr Kolecki. In arrears in the tall grass, next to the garden where strawberries bred Alma. All this in Przesieka, at home, which was built the great hall of meditation with round windows looking out on … rocks!.

We recorded together material which is called the Brown Session. Alma recited, improvised, danced Zen poetry. Outside the noisy saw and tried to tightly close the window, but Alma asked me, whether it be inappropriate sounds? and in response we opened the window wider. We stopped to worry about what has happened around …

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My Mother Alma Yoray Passed Away

Today, the 18st October I’ve got sad news – My Mother Alma Yoray passed away. American dancer, artist, singer, practitioner and teacher of Vipassana hailing from Bath, Maine (USA), who established herself in a mountain lodge in the vicinity of Jelenia Góra in Poland. The incredible story of her life became known short after she had vanished from this realm.

Friends and relatives of my mother Alma Yoray gathered at her property in Przesieka, SW Poland, to give her a religious-hybrid spiritual send-off that reflected culturally the wide and varied circle of those who loved and cared for her. Flavors of Buddhism, Judaism and the local Polish Catholicism mingled in a friendly atmosphere of contemplation and remembrance.

Read mora at:

In Memory of Alma

Today at midnight Alma Yoray  died.
Alma, which for many years owned a Kanzeonowego resort meditative in Przesieka, been our sponsor – and not just our. Thank you Alma for many years of collaboration! On Sundays in the zendo sing for Nia paragate parasamgate gate gate bodhi svah. Her extraordinary story is at:

Andrzej b krajewsk

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May Peace Prevail On Earth

In the large yard surrounding our Meditation Center in Przesieka, visitors can find a special big white sign orders for all guests of the Center to give peace to one another. The sign indicates that the center is part of  ‘The World Peace Prayer Society’  and is located just in the middle of the yard where the energy from the ground is the most powerful. We are proud to be part of many places in the world where you can find such unique sign that  is saying peace.


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Spring is Coming to Przesieka

Almond trees in the yard are starting to bloom after a long winter. Dazzling white flowering trees compete over who will Inflorescence whiter. Melting snow peaks, gives a sign to sail kayak paddle downstream. You can swim in the big waterfall and the deer is runnuing freely in the yard. Spring is coming to Przesieka and with it a sense of optimism and peace.

George Bidwell

George Bidwell is a very famous writer lives in Poland for many years including eight years in what is now the Meditation Przesieka Center. George Bidwell is a Born on May 3, 1905 in Reading, UK. A writer for over 40 years of life spent in Poland, with the years 1961-1968 in Przesieka k / Jelenia Gora, wrote some 60 books, mainly biographies zbeletryzowanych most prominent figures in the history of England.
In 1960 Gorge dream about a farm in the countryside. From his friend he learned about opportunities to buy nice properties in the vicinity of Jelenia Gora. “We went – and succumbed to the charm Przesieka. From the standpoint of agricultural Przesieka not useful for much, except for sheep. But the widely scattered on the slopes of the beautiful valley of a mountain stream at an altitude of 500 m. above sea level, combines the features of the village, forest. Mountain and spa.

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Exhibition in Alma Yoray’s Danceworks Studio in Bath, Maine

The artist Paula Brown Green moving to Maine in 1979 to help her sister Pam build a barn, she became a part owner and manager of the Center Street Grainery in Bath, where she discovered that customers wanted her color pencil drawings, hand made note cards, clay jewelry and hand-painted shirts.

Paula’s work appeared in many exhibits, at the Downtown Gallery as well as other Maine galleries and special places such as an exhibition in Alma Yoray’s Danceworks studio in 1983. In addition, she was founder of Peagreen Card Company. Both her gallery works and her card and shirt designs are well known in the region and every year many sought out her creative and welcoming exhibits at summer arts shows throughout Maine.

Summer Flowers

Flowers and meditation are a perfect match. You end up a session and go out to nature. Here friends are waiting for you in various colores and shapes. Summer replaced the spring and the fields around the center surrounded by flowers with pleasant smells attracts many insects, wild bees and butterflies.

The cool weather in summer in the mountains also contributes to prosperity bloom reminds me of nature films.
The grass is very high at this time of year and if walking in it you can see many different flowers. You can pick and put in a vase in the room or dry in a reading book. Some of the flowers are used in herbal tea and for different use. We walk around with a flora trying to identify the new flowers we do not know.