Alma Yoray is American dancer, artist, singer, practitioner and teacher of Vipassana hailing from Bath, Maine (USA), who established herself in a mountain lodge in the vicinity of Jelenia Góra in Poland.

The  incredible story of her life  became known in in 2001. In Bath, she was known as the founder of the Bath Dance Works, which opened in 1977, where she taught many classes in modern dance and sponsored many innovative, experimental performances with local poets, musicians, dancers over several years.  In the early 1980’s she began to travel extensively in Poland, seeking out her ancestral and cultural lineage. As she had become very involved with Vipassana Buddhist meditative practice, she opened a Buddhist retreat center in Przesieka which drew some of the most loved teachers of Buddhism in the world, and their students. She also continued to be part of dance events in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, and Ukraine for many years.

Alma studied ballet and modern dance from the age of 10, learning from some of the best teachers of her time, and she brought all her knowledge and experience with her to those of us lucky enough to have taken class with her. She challenged us and opened us physically, emotionally, spiritually, as dancers, and we are grateful.


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