One-Man Show

Alma Yoray is dead!

I look at black and white photographs from 1990, Alma, I (Styczyński), Mark Leszczynski and Piotr Kolecki. In arrears in the tall grass, next to the garden where strawberries bred Alma. All this in Przesieka, at home, which was built the great hall of meditation with round windows looking out on … rocks!.

We recorded together material which is called the Brown Session. Alma recited, improvised, danced Zen poetry. Outside the noisy saw and tried to tightly close the window, but Alma asked me, whether it be inappropriate sounds? and in response we opened the window wider. We stopped to worry about what has happened around …

I met Alma in the Witkacy Theatre in Zakopane by Andrew Dziukowi, together with Peter K. improvising for her one-man show. I do not remember that Alma sets out what he does on stage word butoh , but today I know I have not seen anything more real than butoh Alma. Maybe that’s why I did not want many years of butoh in our concerts?

We played with Alma common route; memorable House Kata in Koszalin, Slupsk and (at that time lived in a tiny village Warcino between Miastkiem and Slupsk) where the concert with the participation of Alma was extremely mocny. Potem A. visited the Alma on the occasion of the next concert in Jelenia Gora. Alma was always somewhere near, and always in the plans for future visits.

I know there are hundreds of people who knew Alma closer, there are musicians who are about Alma Yoray could say more, would it have done! I know that I owe a lot Alma, though not listened to her advice and is not exclusively devoted to the music.

Still remember the great spool tape recorder (borrowed miracle by Peter or Mark for some good spirit) and slowly scrolls to magnetic tape to the wall being built by Alma Zendo. This session could not be called otherwise than Brown Session, it was an important lesson! Yoray Alma is dead! Shoham: suddenly subsided / cicadas among the rocks / rain fell at the moment is incredibly story of Alma Yoray…

Styczyński Brands

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Rony Epstein, the Blog writer is Alma Yoray son. Alma - American dancer, artist, singer, practitioner and teacher of Vipassana hailing from Bath, Maine (USA), who established herself in a mountain lodge in the vicinity of Jelenia Góra in Poland. View all posts by Rony Epstein - Blog Writer

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